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Everything you need for sparring Brown belt and higher. Includes bag, get your name printed on each bit of kit so you never loose it.

Please note if you would like your name printed on each bit of equipment please purchase the name printing service in the shop.

Please note that only equipment brought through Aspire Martial Arts is allowed to be used in class also the use of second hand items is not allowed as this will invalidate insurances.

Sparring Kit

Head Guard
Mouth Guard
Chest Guard
Groin Guard
Shin Pads and Foot Guards
  • Returns are only accepted for equipment unused, Due to health and saftey we cannot accept returns for worn clothing or protective equipment, However a store credit will be issued for the value of original purchase. Please email for more information on how to return items. 

    Inccorect personalised items will not be accept unless made by Aspire MA.