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Martial Arts Swindon

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Martial Arts Swindon


Martial Arts Swindon

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Welcome to 

Aspire Martial Arts

Welcome to Aspire Martial Arts we teach taekwondo and kickboxing in Swindon and WIltshire we are dedicated to providing excellent martial arts tuition to all ages. Our Martial arts programmes have been designed over many years for the individual. This means that it does not matter if you are an experienced martial artist or have never done a martial arts before, Our programmes are designed to challenge everyone. Our specially designed anti bullying and stranger danger programmes are perfect for the Juniors, along with our Adult programmes that's designed to help you get fit and stay fit all while learning something new.

Aspire Martial Arts has a fantastic range of experience within the Martial Arts industry, With amazing programmes that covers a massive amount of different styles

You can help build your Leadership skills in the Martial Arts with our professional fully qualified instructor training. Taking you to the next step in your martial arts career.

We understand how hard your training is, that is why we will honor those who have achieved a grade and apply it to our syllabus. So if you have not trained for a while or are thinking of trying something different then speak with us and we will be more than happy to help.


You will not sign up to a contract unlike Gym memberships


There are no sign up fees or anything to pay up front


Each new member will recieve their uniform and belt aboslutely FREE

Train in the ITF style.


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